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Tree Services

We offer tree trimming and pruning services that help trees develop proper structure to look good and stay stronger as they mature. Regular pruning is a good maintenance practice that removes dead wood, which serves as a food source for fungi. Pruning or trimming young trees is especially important with popular species such as autumn blaze maples and little leaf lindens as they are prone to having poor structure.

Tree pruning or trimming is a safe and practical service that provides many benefits:

Hazardous and/or dead branches are removed during tree trimming and pruning services.

Tree maintenance can provide the clearance necessary to keep branches away from homes and power lines.

Tree maintenance can decrease the risk from storm damage.

Removing hazardous branches and limbs increases safety for you and your neighbors.

Trees that are properly pruned as they grow develop an aesthetically pleasing form.

Proper tree pruning services give your tree the best chances for a long, healthy life.

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